Orienteering – a sonnet

I am writing a long sequence of sonnets that will see publication in 2023. I thought it might be fun to share some of them in advance.

A sonnet is included below, along with an audio recording of me reading it.


The map offers no clues to where we are.
You’d said “let’s get out and live!”
your zeal robbing me of time to prepare,
to challenge the equation which balances give
and take, recognition that Life is on a lease.
You point to where we lately were,
a finger tracing our ambitions’s vague decrease
as if what’s left’s a hardship we can bear.

There is no decay
in your smile, its mission to uphold
my spirits, to champion these days
grown sullen as they give way to cold.
How can I chart all that you know,
decipher the complex key that maps you so?

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