Yesterday & Today: 4th January

So, with “Crash” and a selection of my sonnets as of yesterday now in the hands of Carcanet, another log sits on the fire of anticipation. (Perhaps that’s too fanciful, but then fires do burn to ash..!) I can’t help but feel all I need is a break, a slice of luck…but then perhaps everyone feels that way.

In the interim all I can do is to plug away.

There were bits and pieces of other activity yesterday, most notably on workshop and course preparation. From next week other things will start to kick into gear for the year: my Library residence, and the two in-person Ripon writing groups where I’m a member.

From here on I think I’ll focus on reporting major chunks of work, agent/publisher feedback, and main items of note. I think you can take it as read that there will always be things I’m working on in the background.

So what about today? Well, if we assume as given that I’ll find time to chip away at some of my work-in-progress projects, one thing I intend to do this morning is to record another episode for my “Walking Thru’ Fire” podcast (available via Apple, Amazon, Audible, Spotify, Buzzsprout etc.). I think I’m looking at recording one of my longer – and as yet unpublished – short stories. Once I have done so, then I’ll report back / update my website accordingly.

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that my “Books & Beverages” interview at Harrogate Library before Christmas has garnered some very positive feedback. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

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