Yesterday & Today: 14th January

Even though I didn’t get that much done yesterday (as expected) I did manage to type up all my Tilt edits, which is something. Just now editing has become something of a spectre hanging over me. I have been re-editing some of my already-published work and I’ve another old novel to go through. Additionally I have two further finished books (competed over the last couple of years) that I know need one more read through…

The other thing of note from yesterday is that the two local writing groups I am involved in have been asked to host the Open Mic session at the 6th Ripon Poetry Festival on 11th September this year – which is great.

Based on my comment above, today will undoubtedly see some editing of one kind or another! And probably some planning for the currently cryptically “B” and “C”; they’ll get names when they’ve earned them!

I do feel as if I’m not writing enough however, my creative time being taken up with other things. Seems like the balance is a little ‘out of whack’ at the moment…

PS: I have discovered that although these posts are queued to automatically be shared to my Facebook account they have not been uploaded there since mid-November. And now Facebook are blocking me for some reason. I am on the verge of just deleting all my Facebook profiles (including Coverstory books).

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