Yesterday & Today: 19th January

It’s often nice to go somewhere for a change of scenery, so yesterday I spent two hours in the Claro Lounge drinking coffee and working. It was also where I had my meeting about Crash and the Ripon Theatre Festival, 8-11th June.

It appears that I will be performing Crash as a monologue this year with – hopefully – a full ‘theatre performance’ in 2024. Really looking forward to June! (Exact date / time / location to be confirmed.)

What else did I do with my time? Well, a good chunk of it was spent on preparing workshops for retreats & writers’ groups, plus a bit of editing. I even managed to get down the bones of a possible Villanelle based on Tuesday’s Write-on Ripon session.

Another cold day today, so I’ll probably be holed-up in my study for the best part of it (the fire’s already lit!) with the usual mix of editing, workshop prep etc. And I now have to think about how I’m going to perform Crash; had a good idea around 5 this morning!

And when it comes to my next fiction project I’ve gone back to basics in terms of identifying potential subject matter. I don’t think what I have done thus far on the original idea will be wasted though – so watch this space!

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