Yesterday & Today: 20th January

Though not quite signed and sealed yet, I spent over an hour yesterday on Crash-related activities including a complete read through. I have some decent ideas about how to perform it (I think!) and just await the official and final ‘nod’ which hopefully might come in the middle of next week. Not that I need to, but I wonder just how much of it I’ll know off-by-heart come June..?

Other than that it was a fragmentary kind of day, with a slice of it spent trying to write a Villanelle for next week’s formal poetry session at Write-on Ripon. It’s super-hard! Not sure I’ll have anything I’m prepared to share for a few days yet…

Life takes centre stage this today – or at least this morning: out for a walk in the crisp, bright winter sunshine.

This afternoon I want to get a healthy chunk of The Opposite of Remembering reviewing done; I’m aiming to get the slightly updated version available by the end of this month. I also decided that the priority ought to be to draw a proper line under those things I have finished but not yet published – and to get Tilt away too.

One way or another I want the future of those books – two novels, a collection of short stories, and a collection of poems, would you believe! – off my back by the end of April. I’m away on a retreat in May (as a participant, not a mentor) and want to go there with the decks cleared so that I can work on something new without having anything holding me back.

PS: I could be looking for Advance Copy Reviewers for Tilt in a few months.

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