Yesterday & Today: 4th February

Nothing really turned out as planned yesterday – either in terms of ‘Life’ or writing… But I did manage to draft a little more of Tilt, and it’s entirely possible that the ‘missing’ section will be complete by the end of tomorrow. Then we’ll see.

I also spent a chunk of time continuing to prepare two 2-day taught courses: one on Poetry, and the other on Fiction. Looking forward to delivering those at some point in the Spring.

The aforementioned Tilt should see a little work today, along with some mix of poetry, “C”, “B” – pick a letter from the alphabet!

I don’t mean to be coy about these new projects but, as I may have said before, I don’t like coming clean on the titles of things until something substantial sits behind them. An example is Not the Sonnets which I have known about for many, many months yet only revealed the title once I had drafted all 154 pieces.

The way things are currently shaping up, it could be that I publish a veritable blizzard of my work come the Spring: Once Significant Others, An Irregular Piece of Sky, Not the Sonnets, and Crash. If I do, I am conscious that it could look as if I’ve just scribbled them all in a rush, where the truth is very different: the first three are at least two years in the making. (Tilt will be later in the year.)

Obviously I’m hoping at least one of them gets picked up by an agent / mainstream publisher…

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