Yesterday & Today: 6th February

Some days it’s not how much you work but what you work on – or is it like that most days? In any event, yesterday was such a day. Tilt drafting done and now put away for a month or two; and the final review started on Not the Sonnets and Once Significant Others. Plus preparing and submitting an entry for a significant competition.

I even managed one or two paragraphs of new prose!

A busy week this week, with a number of interactive things going on; today rounds off with one of my Stanza Group meetings this evening. It will undoubtedly be a subdued event as we have just discovered a member of our group is seriously unwell. Not only has that been a shock, but it also illustrates how things can come at us from left-field, just when we’re least expecting them. Makes carpe diem all the more meaningful.

With that at least partly in mind, before this evening I’m sure I’ll carry on with the reviewing I started yesterday. Plus I need to undertake another run-through of Crash – this after a sudden thought about the opening came to me in the middle of the night. Strange how that can happen, isn’t it?

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