Yesterday & Today: 8th February

There can only be one highlight from yesterday, and that is the news that I will be performing Crash at the Ripon Theatre Festival on the afternoon of Saturday 10th June (precise time and location to be confirmed). My performance will be directed by Andrew Bates.

Can’t wait to get started rehearsing!

The other major component of the day was ‘Write-on Ripon’ where we first spent a little time talking about what one might include when critiquing prose, and then group members read out what they’d written on the subject of ‘Hope’. As ever, there were a number good pieces shared – and some not as uplifting as you might have imagined with such a subject! [Given our next meeting is on the 14th, the subject will be ‘Love’. More uplifting, surely…]

Another ‘social’ day today with Ripon Writers’ Group meeting this evening. Today the topic is ‘playlets’, five-minute plays written by – and read out by – members of the group. There is always variety in subject matter, so it will be interesting to see what turns up.

Other than that, more of the usual during the day – probably starting out by working in the Claro Lounge for a while. Getting on well with the Sonnets reviewing, so in a few days that should be the next thing ticked off. I also need to decide what I’m going to read at the ‘Write-on Ripon’ Open Mic tomorrow…

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