Yesterday & Today: 19th February

As expected, yesterday was a completely barren day; not one word was written, nothing read. Which was totally fine as a) it was what I expected, and b) because there were other, more important things to do.

Of course if you subscribe to the theory that a writer is never not working – always observing, thinking and planning in the background – then the statement above is almost an irrelevance… Do we never switch off? I’m inclined to think we don’t…

I’ll make up for it today though! And I’m going to start with a full run-through of Crash immediately after I’ve written this post. The process already feels like one of constantly applying varnish to a painting to protect it and make it shine… Many more layers to go!

Beyond that, I’m keen to get back to the story I was working on two days ago to see if I can answer those fundamental questions about those characters I’ve started to sketch ever so lightly, and to resolve what the whole thing might be.

Amazing how, as an agenda, that already feels incredibly light; not enough to keep me going. That’s what happens when you have been juggling at least five things at once and then suddenly are down to one or two. It’s not a question of perspective or workload, but of readjustment, recalibration…

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