Yesterday & Today: 2nd March

I managed to get a lot done yesterday, which was good. As planned, I worked through the potential episodes for “C” and now have some kind of sequence which I can further refine and consider.

Unplanned was the production of two podcast episodes, one a reading of the draft opening of “C”, the other a reading of my article “What is Poetry for?” [I still plan to publish the latter as a post]

Also unplanned was some work relating to competition entries, particularly the BBC’s National Short Story competition in conjunction with Radio 4 and Cambridge University. I was about 90% of the way through putting the application together when I realised that the competition is only open to authors who have been published (not self-published) and can also prove as much. Luckily my 2022 Swanwick Prize win and publication in Writing Magazine did the trick!

It’s a punchy entry I know, but if you don’t try… Also punchy was a submission of a short story to Granta during their small March open window. Same philosophy about trying applies.

The primary activity today is a rehearsal of Crash this afternoon. Keen to see how Andy responds to a) my practice, b) my idea for how to open the piece, and c) some of the small cuts I’ve made. Working around that there’s a chunk of life-stuff to be done, but I should be able to do a little more work on “C” – oh, and the final review of Tilt has now made it onto my schedule.


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