Yesterday & Today: 8th March

Really full-on yesterday with my library residence, ‘Write-on Ripon’, and the Derby Stanza Group. In amongst all of that I managed to do a little work on the draft of “C”, and get some prep work done for the retreat starting Saturday.

For the latter I’m taking a slightly different approach to the workshops I run. There will be time to run three – but I have prepared seven. At the intro session on Saturday afternoon I’m going to allow the participants to choose which workshops they want.

And why not? If there are no poets attending, why offer a workshop on poetry – unless people fancy trying something completely different, of course!

The focal point of today is the Crash rehearsal this afternoon. The plan is to work through the second section of the piece, having concentrated on the first last week. I’m sure we’ll do a little more than that – run-through part 1 again, or read beyond part 2 – but we’ll see how it pans out.

Not far behind is this evening’s ‘Ripon Writers’ Group’ with the “One Poem to the Tune of Another” exercise; an opportunity for members to ‘re-craft’ a poem already known and loved – in my case taking John Betjeman’s “The Cottage Hospital” and pretending WH Auden wrote it… It will be interesting to see what people come up with – and how successful the ‘transpositions’ are…


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