Yesterday & Today: 16th March

I shouldn’t be surprised that I did no work of any real note yesterday. Not only was it a ‘transition day’ after the retreat on which I mentored, but it offered me a chance to ‘refill the tanks’. On Tuesday, after the final workshop and a full-on day of 1-2-1s, I had been absolutely drained; the cumulative effect of three days of solid mental engagement from first thing in the morning all the way through to the late evening. It was a reminder – if one was needed – that you can get just as tired from brain-work as body-work.

I’m back into my normal routine today – though only for one day as Friday / Saturday will see me back at the Beal retreat not to mentor but attend its ‘Grand Opening’ and to read in the evening.

But today?

The most important session will be the Crash rehearsal this afternoon at which I’ll be able to share with Andy the great feedback from the ‘dry run’ at the retreat earlier in the week. I suspect we’ll decide where general ‘tweaking’ is required – e.g. lighting and staging – before getting back into sections 1, 2 and possibly 3.

In addition to that I expect a little work this morning on both Tilt and “C”.

I have also been thinking about when to launch this year’s New Contexts anthology under the Coverstory books banner. The right time to be facing into the bulk of the work is surely after June, but that may mean I put out a call for submissions in April or May. We’ll see….


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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