Yesterday & Today: 25th March

I managed to spend a fair bit of time working on “C” yesterday. The most gratifying thing is that I feel I am beginning to craft three interesting characters; something to get stuck into. More than that however is the growing desire to tell their stories – which with fiction is often more than half the battle.

In my case these narratives are almost always small scale, yet for the characters themselves they are no less epic than if they were exploring the cosmos and fighting aliens, or trying to unravel a grand puzzle, or caught in the glittering web of celebrity.

To my mind you never have to go very far to find drama, hope, tragedy; just look at the person next to you in the queue, or at yourself in the mirror. Just because our lives are largely contained and intensely personal doesn’t make them any the less interesting in their unravelling. This is what fascinates me and what I have to write about: me and you.

With the eproofs now arrived for An Irregular Piece of Sky, Once Significant Others, and Tilt (more small scale dramas!), one of the things I need to do today is to check them over. This activity usually revolves around cover and back page, plus how the white space sits in the text.

Then – having allowed some time for my Saturday life – hopefully some more “C”.


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