Yesterday & Today: 3rd April

In managing to fit in another read-through of Crash yesterday I found I learned another lesson – as I seem to each time I rehearse. Because of the number of people in the house, I had to practice in a different room and speak at a slightly lower volume. It was the latter which was telling. In several places, without being able to lower my voice as I usually did (because it was already fairly low), I found myself inserting longer pauses into the the piece to try and achieve the same dramatic effect.

Although that simply served to demonstrate what I already knew – the power of silence – it suggested to me that I haven’t been making enough of pauses thus far. If there’s a rehearsal this Thursday then it will be interesting to see how subtly different that will be.

Yesterday also saw more “C” drafting (though frustratingly not enough), and in the evening I attended a Zoom ‘launch’ of Kim Moore’s latest book Are You Judging Me Yet? I signed up for this on the strength of her last collection of poems, All the men I never married, but given this new book has numerous prose essays in it – and having heard her read some last night – I don’t think it’s quite for me (though I may get her first collection of poetry). [I wrote two Haiku while she was reading.]

More “C” at some point today, and perhaps that will largely be it – other than this month’s North Yorkshire Stanza in the evening. We’re away Tuesday and Wednesday and so I expect to get very little work done (if any) so these updates are likely to be sparse until Thursday.


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