“The Art of Falling”

Having read Kim Moore’s All the Men I never Married, how could I not read The Art of Falling? And it was undoubtedly worthwhile.

For me, the real stars of the collection come right towards the end: “A Room of One’s Own”, “John Lennon”, “Wallace Hartley” to name just three.

If I have a minor gripe it is with the use of repetition. There are poems where it seems to be the ‘go to’ motif in order to create the rhythm. Though this doesn’t detract from the collection as a whole, I think the repetition is in danger of losing its effectiveness because – for me – there are possibly too many poems using the technique.

I know Kim’s new book is a blend of prose essays and poetry (I’ve heard her read from it), which only goes to prove she’s happy pushing at the boundaries of conventional form.

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