Yesterday & Today: 20th April

In the end it was a decent day yesterday, even if it didn’t get off to the best of starts.

I decided on another Crash read-through, my assumption being that the more I read it, the more of it I’ll learn off-pat. But it was a session interrupted by multiple phone calls, and I wasn’t feeling that great (more anon), so I ended up somewhat frustrated. May leave it alone now until Monday’s rehearsal with Andy.

I did manage a little work on “C” however, which was good, and one ot two others smallish items. The day ended with me reading a poem at an Open Mic (on Zoom) hosted by Kim Moore and headlining Liz Berry. Kim said she thought my poem, “Giro-scopic” from The Homelessness of a Child, was powerful, liked the way it sat on the page, and that she was keen to read more. So I think that goes down as a big tick!

I have no plans at all for today. I seem to have harvested ‘man flu’ from somewhere. Can’t recall feeling this rough for a while, last year’s ‘man flu’ having been upgraded to Covid…

Actually I do have plans: mainly sitting on the sofa and falling asleep watching the tv!


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