Yesterday & Today: 27th April

For the record, this is day 118 of consecutive posts..! So what did yesterday – day 117 – deliver?

A new podcast episode for a start. “The Big Red Button” is taken from my short story collection, An Irrelevant Piece of Sky, which is published next month. The podcast – WalkingThruFire – can be found on Buzzsprout, Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify etc. Check it out!

I also managed a decent chunk of “C” drafting, and time spent in what I euphemistically call in my writing log “Odds and Sods”. This covers a range of things which might include planning work, thinking about future projects, small scale items too small to categorise in any other way. Yesterday, for example, I spent a little time thinking about future book cover designs. And there was the hour spent in the Society of Authors introductory session.

I think I’ll start today with a read through of Crash – croaky voice or not. Only 14 tickets left for the performance in June – which is pretty good going given there are about 6 weeks to go.

“C” will probably get a few words added to the draft, and I have another SoA event this afternoon to attend. The day will round-out with this month’s Contextual poetry reading event. Remarkable that there have been seventeen of these now! For further info, please head to Coverstory books.

Thinking about “C”, when it’s ready, rather than immediately publishing it, I’m thinking of feeding it out in short daily instalments on this website (at least a decent chunk of it) before publishing. But what’s a reasonable number of words to offer people on a daily basis: 500? 1,000? more?


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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