Yesterday & Today: 30th April

So Twitter have made another one of those knee-jerk random decisions and with no notice at all withdrawn the ability of WordPress users to automatically post to their Twitter accounts. Facebook took a similar, but slightly less extreme measure, a year or two ago (only allowing you to post to a page).

This is what will kill joined up social media: the commercial pursuits of the individual corporate entities which run the platforms. Understandable of course, but the ‘little guy’ will get disadvantaged in the process.

It was ever thus, right?

Anyway, what about yesterday? Scraps really: a little “C”, some rework of a short story, some competition digging, some more thoughts about future projects (which I may share at some point in a longer, separate post).

And today? Well I might just start on a Crash read-through – usually gets the day off to a decent enough start. After that I suspect the pattern will be a lot like yesterday. This evening I’m attending a virtual poetry reading by ‘Red Door Poets’ knowing two of the six people who will be reading.

With my week away on retreat starting next Monday (8th), it’s interesting how happy I am to ‘slide’ certain things into that week knowing I’m going to have nearly five whole days dedicated to writing and with very little distraction. But that’s what retreats are for, isn’t it?


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