Yesterday & Today: 5th May

So, for the second day on the spin, I read through Crash twice yesterday. It is interesting – though perhaps not surprising – how much more fluent a second reading is if within a few hours of a first. Once I’m back from my retreat I think I’ll try and fit in as many twice-a-day sessions as I can before 10th June.

There were bits and pieces around “C” and a few other things to round out a modest day’s efforts.

In working on “C”, I’ve arrived at a place where I’m about 15k words short of finishing the first draft. On that basis, it seems certain I’ll do that at Garsdale next week. The key question is how much I want to leave myself when I head there on Monday. I wonder if 15k is too high; 6k will certainly be too little. It’s an important question because it will drive how much time I spend working on it over the next three days. Not too much, I suspect.

And that may certainly be true today where ‘life’ stuff will wipe out pretty much the whole of the afternoon. And there won’t be any Crash today either. Overall, fireworks not expected.

The increasing amount of ‘life’ stuff – peaking in the summer, as previously indicated – is associated with us moving house late July/early August. This is the ‘big’ domestic news I’ve been hinting at over the past two or three weeks. Perhaps not a lot will change until we get into July, then there will be lots of box-packing to be done, dismantling of things, throwing things away. We haven’t moved for nearly 17 years – a first for me! – so there’s both excitement and trepidation in equal measure.

New house means new study – all of which is why I’m been rabbiting on about needing to know what I’m going to be working on after the summer. Once I’ve sorted out my new den – mid-August? – then I’ll want to kick-on afresh, with a series of projects I’m excited to be heading into…something I’ll also be thinking about at Garsdale next week.


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