Yesterday & Today: 22nd May

There’s a tiny bit in Crash which has been concerning me in terms of losing a little tempo in the performance. When I had a run-through yesterday it struck me again. I may ask Andy about leaving out those four or five lines for the performance – though they will still be in the printed copy of the poem.

That was how I started my day, the other major element of time starting to sift through and organise the 250 plot points in ‘Z’…

As previously, there was also time spent in ensuring that my four new books were live on on-line retailers. Some sites are better than others. Amazon are often the slowest and seem to make-up selling prices until their system catches up: one £10 book was offered at over £15..! Irrespective of what a website says, the books are available; if it still says ‘pre-order’ I’m pretty sure the order will be processed immediately.

And there’s still time to register for this evening’s virtual book launch.

Today sees my first Crash rehearsal with Andy for a couple of weeks (one topic as above). We’ll probably fit two more in before the main event. I’ll also spend some time with ‘Z’ – and I need to get back to reviewing ‘C’ (remember that?!). The best thing to do there is probably to go back to the beginning and tackle a full edit. When it’s eventually ‘ready’, it could be one to send off to potential agents and then forget about for a while.


Links: (books for sale on, Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble etc. Some e-books also available direct from Coverstory books.

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