Yesterday & Today: 25th May

A good day yesterday, not so much in terms of the total time spent working on projects but rather the sense of progress made with each. Often it’s the intangible and immeasurable which gives the greatest sense of satisfaction, don’t you think?

All of which goes a little bit against the grain and my instinct to support the claim that ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ – but there you have it.

So the progress? Well, it consisted of a run-through of Crash (with lots more to come over the weekend), a decent slice of 17 Alma Road editing, and more work on the ‘Z’ plot lines (where the number of ‘events’ or things I need to include continues to climb towards 300).

Submissions for New Contexts: 5 (which close at the end of June) continue to climb slowly. The pattern of submission is always the same: a flurry at the beginning of the open period and a rush at the end.

It will come as no surprise to know that today will see more of the same in terms of Alma Road and ‘Z’ – though not Crash, I suspect. Plus this evening I host Contextual: 18 and I am, as ever, looking forward to the event.


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