Local bookshop #2..and more books to come!

There is now a second bookshop in Ripon selling my books! ‘Treasure & Relish’ on High Skellgate are now stocking “Riding the Escalators”, “Writing to Gisella”, and “Collected Poems”; initially low volumes, but let’s see what happens. 23182929This is in addition to ‘The Little Ripon Bookshop’ which is stocking “Losing Moby Dick”. I’m hopeful of getting a positive review for the latter on Amazon very soon.

In terms of forthcoming publications, I had thought there was just one volume – but now I think there will be two. I have decided to split the work into dedicated short story and poetry books. The former – “Secrets & Wisdom” – will be around 260-270 pages; the latter – “Human Archaeology” – around 104 pages. I intend to use IngramSpark for both of these, and am aiming at the middle of July to get them live.

Just the final edits to go through. Work on drafting the covers has already started…

My Writing Diary

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