My Writing Diary

So it’s now the 9th July and I suddenly realise that I haven’t been keeping my writing diary up-to-date… Why? Largely because I have been so absorbed in getting “Human Archaeology” and “Secrets & Wisdom” ready for the printers… The latest is:

  • “Human Archaeology” – the proof copy is due to be delivered to me tomorrow. If everything is OK, then I can promote and release it! First book with new publisher/printer, so everything’s crossed!
  • “Secrets & Wisdom” – final copy is ready for one last read through, and the cover is prepared. As soon as I know that the quality of the finished physical article will be good, then I’ll be striving to be able to order a proof copy ideally by the end of next week.

Ages ago I set myself the target of being done by mid-July. Looking good for that!

My Writing Diary

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