Two New Podcast Episodes

I have just published two new episodes on my “Walking Thru’ Fire” podcast; both are short stories.

Downsizing” – sometimes short stories can surprise you, emerging not from specific ideas or experiences, but growing organically from seeds which you are later unable to identify or remember. “Downsizing” is one such story. It will be included in my collection “An Irregular Piece of Sky” which will be published later this year.

Park’n’Ride” – a short story included in the 2022 international short story anthology “Making Marks in the Sand” (and also to be included in “An Irregular Piece of Sky”). Living not far from Nottingham for nearly two years, taking a ride into the centre of the city on the tram was always a fascinating experience. Although the dialogue in the story is entirely fictitious, “Park’n’Ride” relates to an actual experience I had one day returning to my out-of-town parked car…

In addition to Buzzsprout, these podcast episodes (c. 10 minutes) will soon be available on all good podcast channels: Apple, Amazon, Audible, Spotify etc. Please check them out – and leave a comment if you like them!

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