One little word…

The other day I read my short story “Park’n’Ride” at a local writing group. Someone whose opinion I respect described it as ‘brilliant’. It was – needless to say – a real boost!

Of course it was also a demonstration of how subjective our appreciation of writing – or any art – is. “Park’n’Ride” has previously been entered in a small number of competitions where it didn’t even get a mention. So not so brilliant then?

The story was published in the New Contexts: 3 anthology earlier this year, and will appear in a new collection of my short stories, hopefully in a few months. However, thanks to the magic of technology, you can listen to “Park’n’Ride” on my podcast, “Walking Thru Fire”, either here or via your usual podcast provider.

But ‘brilliant’? I’m my own harshest critic, of course, but even I think it’s pretty good…

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