On Being Asked to Prove Love – a sonnet

I am writing a long sequence of sonnets that will see publication in 2023. I thought it might be fun to share some of them in advance.

A sonnet is included below, along with an audio recording of me reading it.

On Being Asked To Prove Love

This fog, dense as any
in living memory, spawns improvident
thoughts. How many
are left searching for the self-evident?

Opaque enough to disguise hate
this ghosted world conspires
to loosen the inevitability of fate
and sharpens my desire
to understand the workings of a mind
occluded by the harsher metrics of love.

Do I force you to be unkind,
to demand newly conjured metaphors to prove
all those things you mean to me?
If so, should I exclude those no longer there to see?

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