Unrequited Love – a sonnet

I am writing a long sequence of sonnets that will see publication in 2023. I thought it might be fun to share some of them in advance.

A sonnet is included below, along with an audio recording of me reading it.

Unrequited Love

You offered nothing to suggest how love might grow.
Love - you said - a thin charade exposed by sudden leaving.
So what could anyone bestow
to subdue my grieving
or see my paltry self-worth increase?
As each dawn bequeaths its gradual decay
what can halt my ragged fall as I cease
to hope and hope to fade away?

Raking through the relics in past emotions’ store
remnants of feeling curdle and perish;
and when there is nothing more
than landfill left for worms to cherish,
what choice for me but live out this lie
and wait for traitorous and unrequited love to die.

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