Yesterday & Today: 31st December

As with many days recently, some of yesterday was spent going through and validating my 2023 plan of writing and publishing activities. It will flex over time of course, but is pretty much there.

In addition to some ongoing revision of the draft of a new novel – “Tilt” – I also managed to break new ground on a couple of 2023 projects: a tentative start on “B”, a follow-up to my long poem, “Crash”; and the first detailed notes on a fiction project, “C” – though at this stage I’m not entirely sure what that will end up looking like! But there’s no rush…

In what will inevitably prove a repeating theme, there will be much of the same today: i.e. more editing of “Tilt” plus work on “B” and “C”. I also need to start pulling together some new workshops and courses for the 2023 writers’ retreats on which I will be mentoring.

As it’s the last day of the year, many competitions have today as their closing date, so I’ll have a final check that I haven’t missed anything I’d intended to enter.

And, of course, one final check of the plan before I sign it off…

In general this first part of 2023 will be about waiting… I have some work out in the market with potential agents, so there’s waiting for the feedback there; I am in conversation with a rights organisation who are interested in taking on a Simplified Chinese version of one of my books; and I have the potential for having something performed at the Ripon Theatre Festival in June, and am waiting to find out if that’s a live possibility. So lots to look forward to – and wait for!

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