Yesterday & Today: 1st January

Hopefully it will be a common theme, but yesterday went pretty much as I had expected it would: revision work on “Tilt” and some more notes on what “C” might look like.

One area where I did spend more time than anticipated was in working on draft courses / workshops for the writers’ retreats at which I will be mentoring. The first of these runs for four days in early March, so I need some new material for that.

I also said I’d take one last check at competitions that were closing – and this resulted in me making a somewhat ‘punchy’ proposal to Granta for a non-fiction article at some point this year…

Today will kick-off with final preparations for a new edition of Graeme Ryan’s excellent collection, Valley of the Kings, which should be out around mid-January. In addition to that, I’m also preparing updated editions of two of my novels, A Pattern of Sorts and On Parliament Hill. These should be available by the end of the coming week. (Follow for updates on all these.)

Apart from that it will be a combination of “Tilt”, “B” drafting, “C” planning, and some workshop & course preparation. The waiting game in terms of feedback from agents etc. kicks back in from about Wednesday onwards. I’m also making another major submission on Tuesday or Wednesday – but more on that then!

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