Yesterday & Today: 6th January

I did manage to put in a little more effort yesterday – which was great. And having spent some more time thinking about my next fiction project, I had a really interesting idea which may well develop into something.

I find myself increasingly frustrated by the ‘trivial’ in contemporary writing – including my own. Perhaps it’s an age thing, that increasing urge to want to ‘say something’, to tackle big and important subjects… Sounds a bit pompous, because aren’t life, and love and living big enough subjects?

In “Crash” – and the two pieces that will follow it – I’m trying to increase the scale and ambition of what I’m writing. I thought about this in the context of prose yesterday, and that’s where the idea came from. It has ‘scale’ in spades! Now I’ll have to see if it has legs too, is practical, not overblown…

More thinking needed.

Today is one of those days where ‘life’ gets in the way. There are some things I have to do this morning that wipe out that time from a writing perspective, so I need to scale down my ambition somewhat. Having said that, aren’t writers always working anyway: thinking, observing, feeding those little background processes that rumble away whether we’re aware of them or not? (Like the possibilities for a new fiction project…).

So it will be a ‘bits and pieces’ kind of day – but some work will be done, trust me!

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