Yesterday & Today: 7th January

As it turned out yesterday was far more productive than I had imagined it would be. Primarily this was down to a couple of impromptu sessions working on the background for my new fiction idea – and believe me, there’s an awful lot of background to be prepared!

In this particular instance – if it comes to fruition – a large part of the work’s success will be dependent on how believable I can make the context in which the story is set. In most of my work to-date the characters are of primary importance and the world in which they live needs only to be broadly recognisable. In this new piece, whilst the characters are the heartbeat of course, if the setting in which they operate is not authentic – if the history doesn’t work – then the whole thing could fall apart.

It is, I suppose, a little like sci-fi; if the imagined world is ridiculous, the story becomes preposterous. And what I have in mind isn’t sci-fi…

So today will undoubtedly see a more work on the aforementioned ‘world-building’. It will also see a bit more editing of my in-progress novel, Tilt, which (I realised after a few minutes work on it yesterday) is far from the finished article – to the extent that there’s probably a whole section missing! I daresay I’ll edit a little more today, all the while thinking about where further work on this aligns with the project above – especially if I start to get really excited about it…

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