Yesterday & Today: 8th January

Very occasionally something happens which makes all the hard work worthwhile – and yesterday I had one of those moments. A US reader of my novel, At Maunston Quay, wrote this:

“My new year started with reading Ian’s novel, At Maunston Quay, and it was perfect. I had forgotten that for the last two years I have bounced between quarantined home life and fitful re-entries into social settings. Ian’s book grounded me with slow, gentle reminders that our connections with ourselves, our environment, and each other can heal in miraculous ways. Ian, thank you for this gift! You made me cry on the subway!”


Today’s mix will involved more editing of “Tilt”, plus further work on the second part of my “Crash” ‘trilogy’ of long poems. I’m closer to completing the first level of scaffolding for my potential new fiction project, “C”, and so now need to start giving some thought to the main characters who might end up inhabiting that landscape.

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