Yesterday & Today: 9th January

A ‘bits-and-pieces’ kind of day yesterday, dipping into a variety of things. Lots of morsels of progress therefore, the largest portion of which came in beginning to think about characters in the “C” fiction project.

It was also a good news / bad news kind of day too – and all from that large ‘waiting portfolio’ I’m currently looking into. The good is that there has been some positive feedback on Crash as far a staging it is concerned. I now have a meeting tomorrow to start discussions on how we might move that forward. The negative is a rejection from one of the agents I sent Once Significant Others to over the holidays – but great they took the trouble to respond all the same.

Funny isn’t it, lauded one day and then not the next…

I’m scheduled to record another podcast episode today, so almost certainly one of my short stories from An Irregular Piece of Sky. And then more bits and pieces. I want to finish the current edit of Tilt today or tomorrow, at which point I may put it down for a couple of weeks before going back to fill in the gaps. And I should return to workshop and course prep too.

The ‘to do’ list is long enough for there never not to be anything that warrants working on!

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