Yesterday & Today: 11th January

Well yesterday as a bit of a manic day, even if my slot in the Library was typically quiet (which allowed me to type up a fair chunk of the Tilt edits). The Write-on Ripon workshop and the Stanza group meeting that followed later in the day were far from quiet!

The workshop – where people had to write an internal monologue about being trapped in a confined space with a certain pre-defined character – seemed to go down really well. It served its purpose in taking people away from what they would normally write (both theme and style) and force them to try something new. A couple of pieces really stood out for me, and hopefully one or two of the eleven people who attended may choose to take their embryonic pieces away to develop them further.

My Stanza group has been going strong for maybe four years now and we have built up a great level of rapport and trust. We also have a laugh too – most important! All of this has allowed our critiquing to develop into really useful honest feedback. A number of pieces are edited and made ‘better’ as a result of these sessions, which is largely what they are there for. Long may it continue.

Two major events today. The first is a meeting to discuss the potential staging of “Crash” at the June Ripon Theatre Festival. Early signs are looking promising and I’ll be either more or less confident in about four hours…

This evening is our bi-weekly Ripon Writers’ Group meeting. This week we have the adjudication and results of the group’s annual poetry competition, entries having been submitted back in December.

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