Yesterday & Today: 12th January

It was the face-to-face events which provided the main news from yesterday.

Firstly it seems entirely possible that “Crash” will be adapted and performed at this year’s Ripon Theatre Festival. There is a potential slot on Sunday 11th June into which it could fit – though it may be tight to be ready in time. I should know in a few days. More waiting!

And secondly, at the Ripon Writers’ Group adjudication yesterday evening my poem was recognised as the ‘best’ poem – but didn’t win a prize..! And probably quite rightly… Confused? Well, it was a truly interesting scenario – more philosophically than anything else. The narrative is too long to play out here, so look out for another post…

As far as today is concerned I have nothing specific or extraordinary scheduled, so it’s back to making progress where I can on my various projects. I’m keen to get my edits typed up on Tilt as soon as possible (certainly by the end of the weekend) so that I can once again put it to one side for a little while before I endeavour to ‘finish it off’.

And just as a trailer, two weeks today is my first Contextual poetry reading event of the year (an hour, via Zoom, monthly). I have over forty people keen to read at these events this year – which is a measure of how successful they were last. For info, please head over to the Coverstory books website.

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