Yesterday & Today: 15th January

Though I hadn’t planned to do so, yesterday I recorded a new episode for my WalkingThruFire podcast. The episode is An Irregular Piece of Sky, the title short story in a collection that will see publication this year – one way or another!

Apart from that I tinkered around the edges of things, spending far too much time in getting frustrated over Facebook’s restricting my pages once again. It transpires that when they ‘upgraded’ their website last year it stopped WordPress posts being uploaded to Facebook pages as they had previously been. The posts sent over went into Facebook-oblivion, and each time one was sent Meta kept a record of these failed attempts. Well, it appears I’ve now sent over enough to be banished to the naughty step! Given I dislike the site anyway – and what it has become – I’m going to delete my Facebook profiles. In a few minutes, in fact.

One thing which has already dawned on me today is that my current plan to write a follow-up to my long poem, Crash, is somewhat flawed. Crash had been a more-or-less spontaneous creation and I feel as if attempting a second piece (“B”) in a supposed sequence of three may actually be far too calculating and ‘premeditated’. So I’m going to take it off the table for a while.

I’m also going to try and write the opening few paragraphs of what may be my new fiction project to see if my connection to it is sufficiently emotional or whether this too is fabrication for the sake of it. I have the context and the beginnings of an idea about some of the characters, but… For me, unless I believe in something I’m writing, then what’s the point? Overall I guess my concern is that in order to get going with a new project I may be settling on something for the sake of it. We’ll see…

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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