Yesterday & Today: 16th January

A modest amount of effort yesterday, though in-line with what I had anticipated doing i.e. drafting the opening four pages of “C”, a little more editing on The Opposite of Remembering. In terms of the odd sentence, it’s amazing what you can find even after multiple previous edits! The work on the fiction project was reasonably encouraging; sufficiently so for me to be aiming to carry on with the detailed planning a little longer.

I also had a quick look at TikTok to see if it – and more importantly BookTok – would be worth the investment of some time. I suspect I’m not quite the right profile for TikTok..! Maybe Instagram..?

Given today is going to be cold, the best thing would seem to light the fire and stay in the study!

So in terms of work a little more of the same, I suspect. As tomorrow’s Tuesday there’s a little prep needed for a Library/Write-on Ripon day. There are also a raft of competitions with closing dates at the end of the month; I need to spend a little while looking into those and deciding if and what I’m going to enter.

January and February are difficult months, aren’t they – at least in the Northern hemisphere. But the days are beginning to be a little longer, and the bulbs are starting to show in the garden. I daresay in a few weeks we’ll be wondering where the winter went…

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