Yesterday & Today: 17th January

It’s an interesting and unnerving experience when doubt creeps in. I had another dose yesterday when working on my new fiction project. It was a moment when I said to myself “yes, it hangs together, and yes, I could do it, but…”. At times like that I find the ‘but’ all-powerful. So I’m clearly not wedded to the idea yet – and there comes a point when you have to decide… And there is something I could salvage from the work thus far…

Apart from that angst, it was another day of bits and pieces: editing, competition work, a blog post – and this quarter’s edition of Coverstory books‘ newsletter.

That newsletter is something I started before Christmas and is intended to give an update on what I’ve been up to with my imprint. I have a distribution list of people who have contributed to Coverstory books over the last three years: anthologies, competitions, collections. I am, as ever, grateful to all those who indulge me in this!

As today is Tuesday then it’s a library morning and a writing group afternoon. For the latter I need to decide what I’m going to read; after last week’s successful exercise, it’s an ‘open’ day today. Next week we’ve a workshop looking at formal poetry: sonnets, villanelles etc.

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