Yesterday & Today: 18th January

The library was quiet yesterday which meant I got a fair amount of editing done on The Opposite of Remembering‘s update. I wonder if aiming to have this completed before the end of the month would be a realistic goal?

In addition to that, the other big slug of time went on Write-on Ripon where this week we were challenged to be inspired by some pictures brought in by one of our members. They weren’t quite my cup-of-tea, but most of the group really threw themselves into the exercise. Not entirely sold on pure Ekphrastic work, I’m hopeful that I will produce something (a poem probably) from the grainy drawing of ‘a schooner in the mist’ upon which I lighted.

The other thing of note came from watching the 1976 TV programme, “Summoned by Bells”, which is a portrait of his childhood written and narrated by the ex-Poet Laureate, John Betjeman. The thing that struck me most about the programme (which I’ve not seen for many years!) was how old and regretful Betjeman seemed. He was 70 at the time. There seemed real pathos not so much in terms of the loss of his childhood, but in the limited scope of his future i.e. what he would be no longer able to do. Perhaps I was overlaying my current preoccupations onto the programme. At the time Betjeman wasn’t decades older than I am now. Yesterday I talked about time and being realistic – and wham! there’s a reminder…

What does today look like? Well, I’ve a meeting at 11 to discuss Crash and the Theatre Festival – is it in or not?! I plan to walk into town earlier and do a little work in the cafe in which we’re meeting – a change of scene & keeping warm! And then this afternoon, more editing, perhaps the schooner poem, some work on another retreat workshop, and perhaps some more prep for next week’s Write-on Ripon group where we’re talking about formal poetry… Happy days!

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