Yesterday & Today: 21st January

It hadn’t been planned, but yesterday I posted another episode to my WalkingThruFire podcast. I had been reviewing The Opposite of Remembering when I came across a relatively short section I thought might make a good entry to the podcast – so I recorded it! You can find it here; follow the links back to all the other episodes too.

Those were the two main events of the day – though I did have a somewhat left-field idea about my next fiction project: merging my current thoughts on subject matter into an old novel I started and abandoned a few years ago. It’s a marriage that might just work, and would give me a head start as the first few thousand words are already drafted. We’ll see.

More of the same today – editing and thinking – though I really do need to decide whether or not I am going to smarten up and then post the material I had previously been working on in relation to a new fiction project. The challenge I have in doing so is that the work is overtly political – and bound to upset some people. Although fiction, it is entirely contemporary, based on today’s real world events… It’s a kind of Orwell/Atwood mash-up, but based on what might happen this year, next year… Maybe the thing to do is to tidy it up and then keep a hold of it so that I can trot it out later to prove what a soothsayer I was. Mind you, if the fiction were to come true then I wouldn’t be allowed to…!

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