Yesterday & Today: 22nd January

Thanks to a fair amount to time spent on it yesterday I’m building up a head of steam when it comes to The Opposite of Remembering reviewing. I’m now pretty confident I’ll be submitting the very slightly modified text on 1st Feb (latest), so available from about 24-hours after that.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a nose around that old novel I’d begun some time ago and read what I’d written (essentially the first two chapters). Not sure… I may go quiet on this topic until I’ve made up my mind one way or the other – but I did also do a bit of work on that ‘political’ short I also mentioned.

Inevitably today will see more editing of Remembering. I may also do some more prep for the Write-on Ripon session on Tuesday where I’m leading on formal poetry. As I mentioned, I’m trying to write a Villanelle – but with little real success thus far (I think the subject I’ve chosen is the straitjacket).

I’ve be re-watching Ralph Fiennes’ reading of Eliot’s Four Quartets to see if I can pick up some performance tips for Crash. Will finish doing so today. I’m convinced that Crash is more accessible – which gives me comfort!

Finally, some shameless PR for At Maunston Quay

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