Yesterday & Today: 23rd January

It was cold again here yesterday; the kind of cold that, over time, gathers cumulatively in the walls of the house so that you start each day at a fractionally lower temperature than you did the day before.

And I find myself wondering if that could be a metaphor for writing: the less you do, the ‘colder’ you become, and therefore your ‘muse’ (for want of a better term!) is harder to warm up. If so, it’s an argument for little-and-often when it comes to working at the craft.

Which is where I am in some respects: a variety of things on the go, chipping away at them every day. More kindling than heavy-duty logs you might say. Or at least it feels that way. Again yesterday was about editing, preparing workshops, ‘thinking’, and even writing a little poetry!

And I suspect today will be much the same.

I like to ‘tick boxes’ i.e. finish things. Reviewing The Opposite of Remembering should be finished in two or three days. Tick. The final word on Crash performance in June likewise. So Tick (or Cross, I suppose). And all the while stoking the fire, keeping the heat up with other things, before hopefully throwing on the ‘big log’ in a few weeks.

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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