“The Opposite of Remembering” – updated edition now available

A very slightly updated version of my novel, The Opposite of Remembering, is now available from on-line retailers – Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Noble – and on order from bookshops. The edits are all relatively minor (the odd word here and there). Interestingly, as I was going through the process I was reminded what a solid work of fiction it is. If you liked At Maunston Quay, then you’ll like this!

Last week I posted an extract from the novel on my Walkingthrufire podcast.The episode is available here. The section read is about 40% of the way through the novel. The main protagonist is Liam who has recently divorced from his wife Rachel and is now moving into rented accommodation. Katy is their daughter. The podcast is available through Audible, Spotify, Amazon Music etc.

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