Yesterday & Today: 24th January

I surprised myself yesterday by knuckling down and working through all that was left of The Opposite of Remembering to review – and then getting it to the printers so that the updated edition is available now! That’s a big tick!

In addition to that I spent a chunk of time working on competition entries, workshop material, thinking about the next fiction project (which may be crystallising) – even some poetry! Very productive.

Given today is Tuesday, it’s a Writer-in-Residence morning at the Library followed by the formal poetry session at Write-on Ripon. (I’ve already done some work on prep for Thursday’s Contextual poetry reading session). I plan to start a final review of the as yet unpublished short story collection An Irregular Piece of Sky with an eye on March or April publication. [You can listen to some of the stories on my podcast: An Irregular Piece of Sky, Ursula, Smoking in the Park, Downsizing, and the prize-winning Park’n’Ride.

Having said that, today will be hard given how little sleep I had last night. It’s becoming a recurring theme, being unable to ‘switch off’ when I go to bed. Last night it was largely imagining the reading of Crash, plus Contextual and new fiction ideas… Three hours sleep / Three hours awake / one more hour asleep… It can be very debilitating; but maybe that’s how my mind now works; maybe I don’t need so much sleep.

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