Yesterday & Today: 25th January

The Library and ‘Write-on Ripon’ were both good yesterday. Having introduced some fresh concepts to some of the group – Sestinas, Villanelles etc. – one of the great things about the people there is an enthusiasm to try new things, so a number are going to have a crack at a difficult ‘formal’ form and then bring what they’re written to the meeting next week to share.

That’s surely the kind of thing writing groups are supposed to be about…

Yesterday I also started on the final review of An Irregular Piece of Sky – this must be the fourth or fifth! Assuming an agent doesn’t pick it up in the interim, the collection will be destined for Coverstory books. In addition to bits and pieces of work and entering the WBYeats Society poetry competition, I also found out that the only thing between me and official acceptance into the Ripon Theatre Festival for Crash is finding a suitable time and venue. Watch this space!

It’s a Ripon Writers’ Group day today. This evening it’s an ‘open manuscript’ session where members can bring along anything short to share with the group. We’re also having a ‘book sale’ to raise funds for the club’s coffers. In addition to that I have to send out reminders for tomorrow’s first Contextual poetry event of the year.

Other than that it’s more of the same – both writing words down, and then taking words away!

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