Yesterday & Today: 26th January

The Ripon Writers’ Group yesterday evening included a January tradition: a book sale. Members bring along books they no longer need and offer them for sale at a nominal fee to other members. Additionally there was a raffle of ‘unwanted presents’. Both are means to raise funds for the Group’s activities. On the face of it one might not think that much was raised, but we did manage to increase the Group’s coffers by around 5% (it’s a shoestring budget!).

There was also a reading of some members’ work, and we were delighted to welcome a new face too!

My other main event yesterday was the launch of an initiative which allows me to provide personalised books to readers – true one-off copies of my work. You can find out more here.

The major event today is the first Contextual poetry reading of 2023. At the last count I have 48 people who are keen to read at one of these monthly events! The sessions are always inspiring; the hour-long format works really well, and the quality of the poetry shared is almost always of a truly high standard. Interested…?

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