Yesterday & Today: 27th January

At yesterday evening’s Contextual: 14 poetry event we had 24 attendees – which is a super turnout once again! Thank you to all those who joined the session – and especially to our readers: Richard Lister, Graeme Ryan, Brian Docherty, Penny McCarthy and David Smith.

Already looking forward to the next one!

It did feel a little strange to be ‘back in the saddle’ after a break of a couple of months – and it seems I need to learn again that ‘less is more’ when it comes to Contextual. I think we tried to fit too many poems in last night with the result that there was insufficient time for feedback – which I know is one of the unique attributes of our events. In the end the readers don’t get the experience they deserve, and listeners probably can’t comment interactively as much as they would like…

In addition to Contextual, the day saw me put away a chunk of Irregular Sky editing and – I think – make something of a breakthrough in terms of future projects (both at the macro and micro level). It felt like a step forward; some clarity perhaps. We’ll see.

What does today look like? As I’m out this morning, work will be confined to the afternoon; and that will consist of editing (of course!), building on my thoughts from yesterday, and maybe even a little writing! I’ll need to start thinking about readers for Contextual: 15 too. Invitations to possible readers for that will go out over the weekend.

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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