Yesterday & Today: 2nd February

Part one of my short burst of mentoring went reasonably well yesterday. I spent 50 minutes helping someone work out what their next steps should be on the journey to try and get their children’s book into print; and later in the day, an hour reading the draft of a short story which will be followed-up by a feedback and suggestion session this morning.

In addition to that I actually managed to finish the revision of An Irregular Piece of Sky – tick! – and drafted a little more of Tilt‘s missing section, as well as a little poetry on the side (the potential follow-up to Crash). In terms of Sky, I now need to sit on it for maybe a month or so and then if there’s no interest from an agent push the button on publication.

As well as my mentoring session, today should see some more work on Tilt, plus I need to decide when I am going to go through a final review process on both Once Significant Others and Not the Sonnets – just a final run-through in readiness for publication. Essentially this is the same process I’ve just finished for Sky.

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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