Yesterday & Today: 5th February

Saturday tends to be a rather modest day when it comes to volume of writing activity, and so it was yesterday. The most significant effort was spent on completing a first-cut of that missing section from Tilt (enough, at this stage, to take it to a book of c. 180 pages).

Apart from that, a little work on one or two other things – but as I say, a typically modest sport-filled day.

The last thing I need to do for now on Tilt will be to run through that new section before I put the manuscript away for a short while.

So that’s the main goal for today.

I also plan to start a final review of Once Significant Others (which should take me into March), plus some actual writing(!) on both “B” and “C”, if I can manage that.

When it comes to delivering them in the Spring, I intend to start my 2-day short courses with a question / challenge for the delegates. Although “what is poetry?” is front and centre in the poetry course, that isn’t the question I plan to start with… “What is poetry for?” seems to me to be a far more pertinent one i.e.not what it is or why we do it, but what purpose does poetry serve?

It must be significant and meaningful mustn’t it, given it has been serving that purpose for hundred and hundreds of years…

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