Yesterday & Today: 11th February

I did manage to knuckle-down yesterday and get through to the end of the Not the Sonnets final review. I have put it to one side now and, other than the cover, it’s ready to go. I’ll give those publishers I have already sent it to (you know who you are!) a few more weeks before I publish the collection myself under the Coverstory books imprint.

When that happens it will mark the end of a five-year journey.

All of which acts as a further prompt for ‘waiting’ – a theme to which I added even more importance after spending some time yesterday in packing up the opening of Once Significant Others into a pitch for a few more potential agents…

Sending the first few thousand words off yesterday (those already through the ‘final review’) adds more pressure on getting through the rest quickly, and so it’s inevitable that I’ll be working on some of that today. Indeed, in many ways that work now remains the one outstanding reviewing-type activity on my schedule.

Although I’ll need to pick Tilt up again at some point soon, with Crash moving into rehearsal mode, I’ll soon have created sufficient space for me to get serious about that shiny new project – whatever it might prove to be!

#amwriting #writing #wrtingdiary

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